The Top 5 Mistakes Every CEO Makes

The Top 5 Mistakes Every CEO Makes



The main goal in business is not to make any mistakes but to avoid those that will be costly to your company.

No one is immune; even Warren Buffett, Richard Marx, and Elon Musk have made mistakes in their businesses.

Here are the top five blunders made by entrepreneurs that you can avoid:


To keep a business afloat, the owner must be careful with all expenses and recurring financial obligations. On the other hand, Affordability should not force the owner to make decisions that will harm the business in the long run. While selecting a low-cost hosting plan may give the impression that you are saving money, you must calculate the actual costs to determine whether you are saving money or spending more than you intended.

Your brand’s online presence can be jeopardized because low-cost hosting plans come with frequent downtimes, limited bandwidth, security features, and slow scaling.


Globalization has enabled businesses to outsource individuals and companies in other countries to handle some of their operations to reduce costs and maximize profit. Despite its drawbacks, outsourcing can be highly beneficial to a business, mainly providing expertise in areas where you require assistance. You can and should hire experts in everything from web design to bookkeeping. It is also important to note that outsourcing is not the same as offshoring.

The problem is that outsourcing everything means you lose control of some of the company’s assets and day-to-day operations. When this occurs, it is likely to affect one or more of its existential aspects, implying that the company will suffer sooner or later.


While it is OK to focus on one or two niches in business (most entrepreneurs do so and are satisfied), you must diversify over time to ensure that the company remains afloat. Every niche experiences ups and downs. You can always appreciate the highs, but you must prepare for the lows.


Despite spending a lot of money to start their businesses with cutting-edge offerings, most are likely to skip the upgrades, meaning that everything becomes obsolete much sooner than expected. As a result, you must upgrade your company’s infrastructure, product and service quality, management style, and customer service.

Upgrades ensure continued productivity and significant cost savings associated with acquiring new technology whenever the existing one becomes obsolete.


A digital enterprise can emerge in weeks and usurp a significant brand’s market share. Ignoring competition is a surefire way to bring a business to its knees.

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